OPR, LLC Named Small Business Contractor of the Year
NASA Enables Small Business to Achieve Big Results

OPR, LLC, a HUBZone Mentor Protégé Joint Venture between Pearl River Technologies LLC and Omitron Inc., is thrilled to announce its selection as the winner of NASA's prestigious Agency-level Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year for the fiscal year 2022. This esteemed recognition highlights OPR's exceptional contributions to NASA's mission and its unwavering commitment to excellence.

Throughout FY22, OPR played a vital role in several critical projects on the Flight Dynamics Support Services III (FDSS-III) contract including the preparation for launch of Artemis I, operated the Flight Dynamics Facility, provided flight dynamics support to JWST, as well as providing invaluable support for conjunction assessment across the NASA mission portfolio. These endeavors allowed OPR to demonstrate its expertise, efficiency, and mission-enabling innovations.

As a small business, OPR is immensely proud that NASA has recognized the significant impact it has made within the agency. This recognition showcases how even small companies can accomplish remarkable achievements when given the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders such as NASA. OPR expresses its gratitude to NASA's Office of Small Business Programs for enabling and recognizing small business contributions to key agency initiatives.

One of the key strengths of OPR is its lean and agile approach, allowing the company to adapt swiftly to the evolving needs of NASA. The close partnership between OPR and NASA, particularly with the Navigation and Mission Design Branch of the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), has been instrumental in achieving remarkable results.

"We are honored to be recognized as NASA's Agency-level Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year," said Tim Richardson, FDSS-III Program Manager at OPR. "This award reflects the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team, as well as the tremendous support we have received from NASA and GSFC's Navigation and Mission Design Branch. We are proud to be a part of several key NASA missions, including Artemis and the Moon to Mars program, and are committed to continuing our partnership to drive innovation and push the boundaries of space exploration."

OPR extends its gratitude to NASA for the trust and opportunities provided, allowing member companies Pearl River Technologies and Omitron to make a substantial impact across the agency. This recognition further solidifies Pearl River Technologies and Omitron as leading small businesses in the aerospace industry and reinforces the commitment to delivering exceptional results for their clients.

About OPR, LLC:

OPR LLC is an unpopulated small business HUBZone joint venture between Pearl River Technologies LLC and Omitron, Inc.

Pearl River Technologies (Pearl River) LLC is a leading provider of technology-enabled solutions and services to government and industry customers.

Omitron, Inc. provides aerospace engineering, mission operations, IT services, and applied engineering for NASA Earth and Space Science missions, NOAA Environmental satellite programs, US Space Force, and National Security space programs.

Contact Information:
Timothy Richardson
FDSS-III Program Manager
[email protected]

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