APCON, Inc. Announces Latest Firmware Release for Series 3000 XR Platform, WebXR v6.07
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APCON, Inc. (APCON), a leading global provider of advanced network visibility and security solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest firmware update for the Series 3000 XR platform, WebXR version 6.07. The update is now available for download via APCON’s Support and Partner Portal on apcon.com.

Customers Spoke and APCON Engineers Delivered: GUI, User Permissions, and Security Enhancements for WebXR v6.07

With a focus on addressing user needs and ensuring network security, WebXR version 6.07 was built based on feedback from WebXR users and specific use case feedback.

“The IntellaFlex XR 3000 Series family of blades and chassis options gives companies incredible versatility with speeds of 1G up to 40G. In this release, we’ve enhanced APCON’s ability to meet our customers‘ needs by improving alarm management, user security, and the GUI,” said Stuart Lee, Vice President of Sales.

This is the 19th major firmware update since the release of the XR product line 10 years ago, adding several features and enhancements that are highlighted below. Customers can view detailed firmware updates via the WebXR User Manuals in APCON’s Support and Partner Portal.

Alarm Management Updates

  • Disabled Alarms on the Event Log
  • SFP Link Alarms for Ports in Connections
  • Bandwidth Alarms and Warnings
  • RX Alarm and Warning Notification

User Permission Updates 

  • SNMPv3 Traps and Informs
  • User Password Security Options
  • Forced User Password Changes
  • Server Timeout for RADIUS and TACACS+

Other Enhancements

  • Security Enhancements
  • GUI Enhancements
  • CLI Enhancements
  • Local Time on the Event Log
  • Encrypted Private Keys

Other New Solutions from APCON: All-inclusive Licensing and 400G for AI

APCON also recently launched a new 400G EdgeSwitch solution for its IntellaView Platform. This solution is a high-density 1RU switch system with 32 ports that support 40G up to 400G Ethernet connections – offering a cost-efficient, scalable, and small-footprint data solution that organizations of any size can deploy to stay ahead of ever-growing, data-intensive bandwidth needs (such as AI and 5G applications).

For recommendations on a WebXR upgrade path and transition to APCON’s Advanced or Enterprise Licensing options, contact your APCON Sales Representative directly or schedule a demo here.

You can also contact APCON‘s Technical Support team 24/7, 365 days a year, at (800) 624-6808.

About APCON, Inc. (APCON)

Since 1993, APCON has consistently delivered technology designed with unparalleled innovation, stability, and scalability to mid-sized and Fortune 1000 customers in over 40 countries. Our products instill network and security professionals with the confidence that data is monitored, secured, and protected in both physical and virtual environments. APCON helps companies sustain maximum performance by empowering total network visibility. APCON currently has offices in Wilsonville, OR, and Plano, TX, with additional employees located throughout the United States. APCON is a registered trademark of APCON, Inc.

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