APOLAN Forms Caribbean and Latin America Committee and Welcomes a New Member

APOLAN, the non-profit organization advocating for the education and global adoption of Optical Local Area Networks, today announced the formation of a new committee to promote the organization and recruit new members in the Caribbean and Latin America. APOLAN also welcomed its newest member, ITTERA

"As APOLAN celebrates our 10th anniversary, the organization continues to grow along with the Optical LAN market," said Gayla Arrindell, APOLAN chair. "The Caribbean and Latin America market holds great potential for additional Optical LAN adoption. We are excited to welcome more industry thought leaders from these regions to help us showcase the many benefits of Optical LAN for today's and tomorrow's connectivity needs."

APOLAN's Caribbean and Latin America Committee promotes the organization and recruits new members from the region. It also assists in interpreting, informing and implementing APOLAN policy related to the Caribbean and Latin America. The committee provides advice and recommendations on developing each year's operating plan and budget on matters related to the region. 

With the formation of this new committee, it is fitting that APOLAN's latest member is based in Latin America. Headquartered in Maracaibo, Venezuela, ITTERA provides networking, telecommunications infrastructure, information technology, audio/video and electronic security solutions. The company serves clients worldwide from additional commercial and operational offices in Colombia, the United States, Costa Rica, Panama and the rest of Central America. 

APOLAN members include high-profile IT vendors, manufacturers, distributors, system integrators and consultants. APOLAN membership allows companies to help shape the advocacy, education, market adoption and best practices for Optical LAN. Members receive access to association resources, the ability to extend their reach with target audiences and the opportunity to share content and information with the Optical LAN and communication technology industries. 

View a complete list of APOLAN members. For more information or to apply for membership, visit http://apolanglobal.org/membership/.

About APOLAN: APOLAN is a non-profit organization driving adoption and educating the market about optical LAN technology's technical and economic advantages. Through its membership, which includes manufacturers, distributors, integrators and consulting companies actively involved in the marketplace, the association hopes to help designers, engineers, architects, building owners, CIOs and IT departments implement and successfully use optical networks.

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