CCIntegration Expands Again With New San Jose Facility Space
Growth comes on the heels of establishing HQ and facilities in Plano, TX

CCIntegration Expands Again With New San Jose Facility Space
CCIntegration logo

CCIntegration logo

Following the opening of their new 50,000-square-foot facility in Plano, Texas, CCIntegration has invested in new and upgraded 41,000 space in their San Jose, California, facility. This move by the fastest-growing OEM integration company in the U.S. enables CCIntegration to bring even more customer products to life and manage them throughout their life cycle. The company has more than 120 employees and has cemented key technology partnerships with Dell, HPE, Lenovo, SuperMicro, and Intel.

San Jose serves as one of CCIntegration's primary engineering and integration centers. The company's VP of Sales, Keith Wood, explains the reasoning behind the new growth. "CCI built our business on being the most flexible integrator in the OEM space. We built our business on startup companies and now, with the investments we have made, our company is closing large customers who require production scale and global logistics."

CCIntegration's VP of Operations, Jay Tatro, is excited that the company continues to visibly set itself apart. "Our investments in new facilities, automation, and people have positioned us uniquely in the OEM integration space," he says. "We see it, our customers see it, and our suppliers see it."

With a killer combination of investment, experience, and facilities/IT, CCI is now on a different playing field than their competition. Multiple factories can build customer products with built-in "copy exact" capabilities and continuity planning. Industry-leading factory automation tools have positioned the company for significant additional production scale. And the newest IT tools in place offer clients a broad range of digital engagement with CCI systems to deliver visibility into all critical operations and quality data.

CCI's CEO, Anna Hung, is excited about the direction the company is headed. "Our growth has been stellar; with that, we have made tremendous investments in our people, facilities, and IT infrastructure to assure a quality experience for our clients and the ability to scale with them." And, she adds, "Our supplier relationships and focus on execution has made us stand out in this very competitive environment."

About CCIntegration:  Established in 1985, CCIntegration (CCI) is the fastest-growing OEM integration company in the U.S. The woman-owned business produces and ships advanced, integrated turnkey custom-logo branded server appliances for a wide range of vertical markets around the world, delivering award-winning service in both manufacturing and logistics. CCI maintains physical operations in San Jose, CA, Plano, TX, and Nijmegen, The Netherlands, while conducting business on a global scale.

Contact Information:
Keith Wood
VP, Sales and Marketing
[email protected]

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