DATAFORGE Paves the Path to Greater Data Mobility
Unlock data "trapped" by applications, storage protocols, and locations.

Today, Interlock Technology, a global data migration, transformation, and data extraction company, announces the early availability of its DATAFORGE software. The proliferation of new unstructured data formats and storage protocols has "trapped" billions of files in undiscoverable, unsearchable repositories, directly affecting organizations' ability to leverage their data assets. 

"IDC research shows that organizations extract only 38% of the value from data they have stored," said Phil Goodwin, research vice president, IDC. "This is largely because data is trapped in silos, rendering it unusable for more than a single purpose. To free this data and gain value from it, organizations need protocol-agnostic data movement tools that enable and simplify the ability to get data to the right place at the right time for analytics and any other purpose. Interlock Technology's DATAFORGE software is aimed squarely at solving this problem for organizations looking to unlock data value."

DATAFORGE software has incorporated all the knowledge gained through migrating and extracting data for over a decade at scale, creating a repeatable paradigm that empowers organizations to move data where it is needed. DATAFORGE software initially will provide full data migration capabilities for SMB to SMB and S3 to S3 with Any data to Any storage to Any destination (A3) support to follow in the fourth calendar quarter. Interlock will continue to offer A3 extraction, transformation, and migration as a professional service. 

The software will follow Interlock's proven 4-step process: 1) data discovery, 2) infrastructure assessment, 3) transformation, migration, and verification, and 4) cutover management. Using DATAFORGE software will give organizations control over placement and access of their data assets.

"Over the years, our customers have expressed frustration with the complexity and cost of moving their data across disparate storage protocols and vendors," said Massimo Yezzi, Interlock Technology CTO. "The industry doesn't do a good job of explaining the trappings of cross-protocol data movement; Interlock's DATAFORGE solution aims at automating the data transformation necessary to remain application- and user-compatible while enabling overall data mobility across disparate protocols."

DATAFORGE software will be available in limited release in Q3-2023.

About Interlock Technology

Interlock Technology is a global organization specializing in data migration and data extraction software and services, supporting a wide range of unstructured data protocols and data types. The company is focused on enabling more ubiquitous data mobility at scale across regulated industries, organizations with large volumes of data, enterprises seeking to leverage the cloud, and application owners needing to adopt new data formats or protocols.

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