Kenzie Academy From Southern New Hampshire University Launches New Coding Certificate Program in Python and Blockchain
Training in the two high-demand skills can open doors in the growing tech industry.

Kenzie Academy from Southern New Hampshire University announced today the launch of a new coding certificate program, Python with Applied Blockchain, to help students build a foundation of high-demand skills to open career paths in the growing tech industry. With its combination of skills training, hands-on experience, real-world focus, and career-readiness guidance, the Certificate in Python with Applied Blockchain is engineered to provide students with a competitive advantage in the job market.

The Kenzie Academy certificate program combines instructions in Python coding with a focus on its applications in Blockchain, the technology at the core of cryptocurrency that enables secure information sharing. Through hands-on experience in setting up private networks, creating decentralized applications, and utilizing Blockchain fundamentals, students will achieve a comprehensive understanding of how the Python language is used in developing Blockchain technology. 

"Our program provides training with real-world relevance," said Melissa Paciulli, executive director of Kenzie Academy programs. "By incorporating industry-specific scenarios that mirror what students will encounter in the professional world, it enables them to develop problem-solving skills and find solutions to the challenges they will face in their careers."

Overall employment in computer and information technology jobs is projected to grow 15% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average of all occupations, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Kenzie Academy Certificate in Python with Applied Blockchain is designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience to meet the sector's increasing demand for Python programmers and Blockchain developers. 

Like all Kenzie Academy programs, the Certificate in Python with Applied Blockchain has a flexible online program structure, which allows students to balance their home and work commitments by attending live sessions or accessing on-demand course recordings. Students in the program also have access to career-readiness support, including guidance in enhancing interviewing skills, refining resumes and portfolios, and leveraging professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

"With Python programming skills and experience in the applications of Blockchain technology, students who complete this program are prepared to explore careers in technology-focused fields and contribute to the growing digital transformation," Paciulli said.

For more information, visit the Kenzie Academy website.

About Kenzie Academy

Kenzie Academy is a set of certificate programs from Southern New Hampshire University in tech areas, including software engineering, UX design, full-stack web development, and cybersecurity. Kenzie Academy programs provide equitable access to technical education, career-readiness training, and job opportunities to help people, from any background, transform their lives through tech. With Kenzie Academy, students can prepare for the future of work and employers can connect with diverse tech talent that meets their workforce needs.

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