Langly App: A Revolutionary Language Learning Experience Launches
Langly Sets a New Standard in Language Education: Oxford-Backed and Gamified Learning Experience Takes Users from A1 to C1 Level

Langly App: A Revolutionary Language Learning Experience Launches
Langly - Free Gamified Language App to Learn English

Learn English with joy! Innovative approach with AI

Langly App, a revolutionary language learning platform, has been introduced to the market, offering a new and innovative approach to language education. As an ingenious English learning appLangly provides users with the opportunity to learn English online using a unique tool that has incorporated both "storytelling" and "gamification" into the authentic Oxford English teaching materials. Unlike other applications on the market, Langly offers its users a cohesive and comprehensive study and takes them from A1 to C1 LEVEL, not just maintaining a current user's English proficiency level. Moreover, Langly enhances the learning experience and ensures greater engagement and retention for learners.

"We are excited to introduce Langly App to English language learners around the world," said Vitalii Petrosyan, CEO of Langly Inc. "Our goal is to provide a truly efficient, captivating and immersive language learning solution for everyone. Being based both on the Wide Angle Course, which is a piece of Oxford University trustworthy material, elaborated by the top professionals in the field, and the gamified approach, Langly will empower our learners to achieve their learning goals."

Langly's launch marks a significant milestone in the language learning industry, bringing together the expertise of Oxford University and the engaging power of gamification. Learners can now embark on an educational journey that is both enjoyable and systematic as they immerse themselves in interactive lessons, quizzes and challenges.

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