Mind Cloning is Here: TwinChat Brings to Life AI-Twins From Any WhatsApp Contact, Even the User’s Own Personality
The AI Oracle, Now Accessible with a Few Text Samples: TwinChat's Groundbreaking AI Transcends the Boundaries of Life and Afterlife, Transforming Memories and Personal Text Samples Into Tangible Characters, Fostering Deeper Human Connections in This Unprecedented Era of Digital Interaction.

Waken.ai, a groundbreaking AI Lab, propels digital interaction into a new realm with the version 3.0+ upgrade to its revolutionary TwinChat  app. The newly introduced AI Copycat feature disrupts the standard social media scene by empowering users to clone any WhatsApp contact, along with their favorite pets, fictional characters, or even themselves. This unique generative AI technology maintains privacy by focusing on replicating personality behavior, not data. This results in engaging, faithful interactions where automatic dialogues spring to life, encompassing a broad range of topics and emotions while allowing for user interaction at any time.

TwinChat's AI Copycat feature generates digital twins from any text-based conversation, no matter its length. With TwinChat's advanced AI, characters are authentically recreated based on different perspectives - recent interactions, past dialogues, or a comprehensive view of their personality. These AI-Twins echo the emotional psychometric profile of the original character, offering a unique and profoundly personal user experience.

Creating a digital twin of a WhatsApp contact is straightforward with these steps:

  1. Open the Twin Editor by tapping on the (+) icon and name your twin.
  2. Switch to WhatsApp, tap on your desired chat's title, scroll down, select "Export Chat", and then opt for "Without Media".
  3. Return to the Twin Editor. You will notice an "importing" dialog. Finally, tap on the "WhatsApp Picker" and select your contact to create the twin.

Upon returning to the TwinChat twin-creator, a new feature, the 'WhatsApp picker,' appears, allowing users to select their desired contact. This privacy-preserving process ensures users maintain full control over the cloning process. A comprehensive video tutorial is available within the app for first-time users, accessible from the very same twin editor screen. 

Hassan Uriostegui, the Founder of TwinChat and a seasoned tech industry veteran, highlights that these digital twins are "not privacy intrusive chatbots, but instead, vivid personality twins interpreting our loved ones' logical and emotional reasoning, as well as their characteristic writing style."

Beyond WhatsApp, TwinChat enables manual entry of text snippets, articles, or character descriptions. With as little as a dozen phrases or hundreds of messages, TwinChat's AI Copycat can swiftly generate a vivid twin character within minutes. 

Uriostegui affirms, "Our commitment lies in providing intelligent, lifelike and empowering experiences. AI Copycat, our vanguard in AI personality synthesis, moves us forward in understanding human cognition and consciousness. Since our initial report in early January, this innovation has marked a significant accomplishment, demonstrating the potential of language models like ChatGPT to interpret the world from diverse subjective perspectives and replicate the essence of our logical and emotional intelligence."

Free on the Web
TwinChat is delighted to invite members of the media and the AI community to experience our pioneering features firsthand. With just a few dozen samples, our user-friendly web demo allows you to analyze an extensive 12+ psychometric profile of any character. Then, step into the future as you engage in captivating 1:1 chats with their digital twins. We've eliminated all the hurdles - there's absolutely no sign-up required. Discover the future of AI today by visiting: https://try.twinchatai.com

About TwinChat: The brainchild of Waken.ai, stands at the cutting edge of proprietary technology in the fields of mind-deepfakes and personality synthesis, ushering a new era of ergonomic AI-Human interaction. 

Contact Information:
Hassan Uriostegui
[email protected]

Original Source: Mind Cloning is Here: TwinChat Brings to Life AI-Twins From Any WhatsApp Contact, Even the User's Own Personality

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