NationBuilder Makes Its Best-in-Class Software Available for /day to Encourage People to Run for Office
Company’s New Run for Office Plan Helps Level the Playing Field for Campaigns Around the World in a Historic Election Year

NationBuilder, the leading software provider for politics and advocacy, announced today that its platform would be made available to campaigns in 2024 at a 90% discount, removing barriers to those who might otherwise be priced out of running for office this year.

More elections will take place in 2024 than any other year in history, with more than two billion people expected to vote. It’s an extraordinarily consequential year not only for the political trajectory of countries as varied as India, Mexico, Taiwan, South Africa, and the United States, but also for the future of democracy itself.

National elections often get the lion’s share of attention, but some of the most impactful change to people’s daily lives happens in smaller-scale elections that can be decided by just hundreds of votes. And not enough people are running in those elections to give voters real choices. For example, according to Ballotpedia, over 60% of local elected offices in the United States went uncontested in 2023. 

In her letter to the NationBuilder community, co-founder and CEO Lea Endres said, “The world needs more people to step forward and say yes to running for office. And when someone makes that choice, getting access to the technological infrastructure they need to run should never be a barrier.” 

That’s why NationBuilder is debuting its historic Run for Office plan, which includes all the digital tools candidates need to get up and running — from contacting voters to raising money to building relationships with volunteers — for a six-month subscription of $365 (just $2 per day). 

NationBuilder is the world’s most-used software for politics and advocacy, with customers in over 100 countries. Working to get the tools of democracy into the hands of millions of people around the world, the company’s enduring commitment to access has ensured a low starting price for over a decade. The Run for Office plan takes this commitment even further. 

NationBuilder’s customers are building the future everywhere from Nobel Peace Prize winner ICAN reaching 50 ratifications of a historic UN treaty banning nuclear weapons in Switzerland to National Bloc bringing Beirut citizens emergency aid and the tools for democracy in Lebanon. In 2023, customers used NationBuilder to raise nearly $500 million in donations, mobilize 327,000 volunteers, and send 2.3 billion emails. 

About NationBuilder 

A mission-driven software company, NationBuilder has served over 100,000 customers in 110 countries around the world since 2011. NationBuilder’s human-centric, fully integrated software platform helps leaders of all kinds — from individuals stepping into leadership for the first time to people leading political parties, international networks, Top 100 charities, and Fortune 500 companies — mobilize their supporters and advocate for change. The software includes a dynamic people database, website hosting, email and text message communications, donations and fundraising. Learn more at

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Original Source: NationBuilder Makes Its Best-in-Class Software Available for $2/day to Encourage People to Run for Office NationBuilder Makes Its Best-in-Class Software Available for /day to Encourage People to Run for Office

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