Rimo3 Awarded Key Patent for Automated Smoke Testing

Rimo3, a leading innovator in automation solutions for continuous management of Windows applications, today announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the company U.S. Patent No. 11,868,240 for its revolutionary "Intelligent Program Smoke Testing.” 

“The rate of change has accelerated around modern workspace management, and legacy manual processes don't allow enterprises to keep up,” said Samit Halvadia, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Rimo3. “With this innovative approach to bringing automation to one of the most challenging, yet mundane, parts of change management — the applications — we can now help our customers and partners embrace change while remaining current and secure for every Windows application in every Windows environment.” 

About the Patent 

The granted patent details an advanced diagnostic software — the intelligent test program — which conducts preliminary “smoke” testing on an unspecified target application with an unknown name, function, and operational mechanics. This intelligent test program can analyze and generate detailed reports on the target application's functionality and can identify and document its callback functions to automatically create a smoke test script. This script is essential for conducting initial computing system assessments in future testing. 

Potential Applications 

This technology has vast applications in modernizing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). As an example, automated smoke testing eliminates the need for complex scripting and understanding of application operations, allowing administrators to save weeks and months of manual effort in delivery operating systems and application updates. This helps enterprises take full advantage of their infrastructure investments while improving end-user productivity and decreasing security vulnerabilities. Rimo3’s newest patent positions the company as a leading innovator for solutions in the modern workplace. 

About Rimo3 

Rimo3 excels in automated Windows application migration, packaging format updates, and readiness testing for Windows 10, 11, Windows 365, and Azure Virtual Desktop. Rimo3 enables IT departments to hasten deployments and mitigate risks related to security updates and desktop/server environment changes. Our solutions are tailored for physical, virtual, and cloud workspaces, aiming to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and boost end-user productivity. Rimo3 partners with Microsoft, Nerdio, Broadcom, and Citrix to prioritize the success of your applications and workspace needs. Learn more at rimo3.com

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