Sundeck Launches OpsCenter, a Snowflake Native App in the Data Cloud
Sundeck OpsCenter provides Snowflake customers with Data Cloud insights and query management

Sundeck today announced at Snowflake's annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, the launch of Sundeck OpsCenter, a Snowflake Native App, on Snowflake MarketplaceSundeck OpsCenter is an open app native to Snowflake that provides Data Cloud insights and query management to customers at no cost. 

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, announced that the Snowflake Native App Framework (public preview on AWS) is now available for developers to build and test apps natively in the Data Cloud with additional distribution and monetization capabilities in public preview soon. Snowflake Native Apps usher in a new era of data collaboration, enabling developers with the tools needed to create robust apps quickly with Snowflake's high availability and auto-scalability, all the while reducing security and procurement hurdles for customers because the apps run directly within the customers' Snowflake accounts.

"Sundeck is helping the Snowflake community improve productivity with a product that complements Snowflake's strengths and strategic direction," said Chris Child, Senior Director of Product Management, Snowflake. "Sundeck's OpsCenter provides users with powerful data cloud consumption and utilization oversight via  management tools within their secure Snowflake environment. OpsCenter's open community and code empower all Snowflake users to learn how to build native apps, customize OpsCenter for their specific needs, and share their improvements."

Snowflake Marketplace already has over 25 new Snowflake Native Apps available today, and over one hundred providers are currently developing apps that span multiple industries and use cases. Sundeck is one of the leading organizations building in the Data Cloud, with a Snowflake Native App readily available to easily bring unique insights to end users and enabling them to unlock value with just a few clicks on Snowflake Marketplace. By being Powered by Snowflake, Sundeck is able to impact the community by distributing its app to thousands of Snowflake customers, without these customers having to move or expose their data.

Sundeck provides Snowflake users easy and native access to their workloads so they can:

  • Identify top-consuming applications, workloads and users
  • Dynamically adjust warehouse behavior
  • Alert and automatically cancel wasteful queries
  • Classify queries to track and forecast workloads
  • Understand warehouse utilization and workload cost
  • Customize analyses and share improvements across the Snowflake community

"Snowflake is strategic to data-driven organizations," said Jacques Nadeau, founder and CEO of Sundeck. "Sundeck OpsCenter allows customers to learn, classify, track, and forecast workloads. Furthermore, it enables dynamic warehouse management and alerting. These capabilities complete Sundeck's Query Engineering platform, enabling Snowflake users to act on and improve the queries they write."

Learn more about Snowflake's continued innovations, and how it is enabling organizations to distribute and monetize leading apps at scale in the Data Cloud here. Be sure to check out the Snowflake Summit 2023 keynotes live or on-demand here, and stay on top of the latest news and announcements from Snowflake on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Jacques Nadeau
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