Thematic Introduces Answers: A Groundbreaking AI-Powered Feature Revolutionizing Feedback Analytics
Generative AI is set to change the way companies get insights from feedback data

Thematic, the leading feedback analytics platform, proudly announces the launch of Answers. With its advanced capabilities, Answers empowers businesses to unlock deep insights from customer and employee feedback quickly and effortlessly.  

With Answers, Thematic has thoughtfully integrated AI into customer insights in a way that speeds up how you delve into complicated analysis. Instead of categorized themes in graphs and organized comments, users receive answers written in full sentences, similar to responses from ChatGPT. Users can ask follow-up questions and engage with the AI to dive deeper into their data.  

Anyone looking to better understand customers and discover insights from feedback will benefit from Answers. Answers enables analysts and non-expert users alike to ask questions of their data and receive answers and visualizations in response.  

To interact with Answers, users type a question into the search box or select a pre-defined question. The AI transforms the question into a query that fits with the selected feedback dataset and then unfolds an AI-generated answer. Links to the source of the answer are included. Users can click on the links provided to dive deeper, access corroborating verbatims or ask follow-up questions. 

Answers leverages large language models (LLMs) to produce responses in easy-to-read, human language. Many LLMs produce made-up responses, known in the industry as hallucinations. But Answers is different; results are reliable, meaningful and easy to quantify. 

To deliver trusted results, Answers relies on Thematic to first thread several needles. Feedback data is first transformed into high-quality data information on themes that are critical to the customer and business. It's this meaningful data that Answers accesses, so generated responses are highly relevant and not mixed with 'junk' data. 

Backed by years of innovative research and trusted by industry giants such as Atlassian, Google, and Woolworths, Thematic's new feature sets a new standard for productivity, speed, and democratization of insights across multiple departments. 

In today's fast-paced business landscape, the ability to gain instant insights from feedback data can be a critical factor in success. With Answers, teams can effortlessly analyze feedback, identify key topics, and take immediate action to address uncovered issues within minutes. 

"When it comes to feedback analytics, Thematic is committed to continuous innovation," said Alyona Medelyan, CEO of Thematic. "I am thrilled to introduce Answers, which enables teams to access vital information quickly and easily when they need it most." 

"Our platform has always aimed to provide businesses with accurate and actionable insights to maximize productivity," Medelyan added. "We are excited to witness the profound impact Answers will have across various industries." 

By combining Thematic's extensive feedback analysis experience with cutting-edge AI technology, Answers surpasses the capabilities of traditional analytics tools. Research teams can explore hypotheses and trends, while marketing and legal teams can shape their strategies based on data-driven insights. With Thematic's expertise and reliability, every department can unlock the full potential of customer feedback. 

Feedback from early adopters of Answers has been overwhelmingly positive, reporting that the feature is helping non-technical users easily ask questions directly from the data, instead of submitting a request with their data science or analysis teams. Answers is currently available to select customers in beta but will soon be launched more widely. 

If you're not already using Thematic, book a demo with the team and they'll be able to show you Answers in action. 

About Thematic 
Thematic is an AI-powered platform that analyzes feedback to help companies improve their products and services. The software aggregates and analyzes data from surveys, reviews, and chat messages, transforming it into valuable insights. Trusted by leading companies such as Atlassian, DoorDash, and LendingTree, Thematic empowers businesses to discover what truly matters. 

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