USA Borescopes Announces Launch of SRV-J-4-1500 at NBAA Conference
Unveiling of Budget-Friendly, Portable HD Borescope Revolutionizes Aviation Inspection Landscape

USA Borescopes Announces Launch of SRV-J-4-1500 at NBAA Conference
HD Borescope

HD videoscope with 4mm diameter and joystick articulation.

USA Borescopes, a leading global supplier of visual inspection equipment, made waves at the NBAA Conference in Las Vegas with the announcement of the SRV-J-4-1500, a game-changing HD borescope. A unique blend of affordability, portability, and advanced features make it a standout device for aviation inspections and beyond.

The SRV-J-4-1500, specifically designed for the aviation industry, offers a 360° all-way rotating articulation, making it possible to inspect hard-to-reach areas without disassembling the component. Its diminutive 4mm diameter combined with choices of 1.5m or 3m cable lengths add to its portability and versatility. This amazing product boasts a 5" HD touch screen, joystick articulation, and the ability to document inspections with photo or video recording onto a Micro SD Card.

In addition to providing the perfect choice for HD inspections of aircraft, the SRV-J-4-150’s 360° articulation makes it an ideal piece of equipment for a range of other applications, including automotive inspections and manufacturing maintenance. Its unrivaled levels of maneuverability and durability allow users to see hard-to-reach areas in an undisruptive manner, thus saving time and money for the technician.

"Our release of this affordable HD borescope with joystick articulation firmly establishes us as an industry leader," remarked Bill French, Sales at USA Borescopes. Loaded with features, this device also delivers resistance to oil and water, temperature tolerance from 0°C to 60°C, and 8-character text annotation. This is the compact solution aviation industry experts have been waiting for.

Not limited to aviation, the SRV-J-4-1500 lends itself well to applications such as automotive inspections and manufacturing maintenance. Utilizing its 360° articulation, professionals can inspect areas in a non-disruptive manner, saving time and money for technicians. This daily inspection tool is now available for order and has already begun delivering remarkable results across the USA, boosting productivity and efficiency.

USA Borescopes, headquartered in Tennessee, is known for producing quality inspection equipment not only for aviation but also for diverse industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing. For more information or to place an order, please visit or contact USA Borescopes' press contact, Bill French, at 931-362-3304 or email [email protected].

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