Ilmor and GM Marine Continue Collaboration With European Debut of Ilmor Supercharged 650 Engine
Ilmor and GM Marine to debut Supercharged 650 Engine in Germany at boot Düsseldorf

Ilmor, a leading high-performance marine engine manufacturer, and GM Marine, a subsidiary of General Motors specializing in marine propulsion systems, proudly announce the continuation of their successful collaboration into 2024. The highlight of this continued work together is the European debut of Ilmor's groundbreaking Supercharged 650 engine, a result of the joint efforts between the two industry leaders.

The Supercharged 650 engine, Ilmor’s marinized version of the award-winning GM LT4 engine, represents the pinnacle of innovation and performance in marine propulsion. Developed under the collaborative expertise of Ilmor and GM Marine, this engine is set to redefine the standards for power and reliability in the marine industry. The Supercharged 650 strives to provide an unparalleled boating experience, boasting cutting-edge technology and engineering.

Mayla Yacht, a distinguished player in the luxury yacht industry, is set to showcase the Supercharged 650 engine at its booth during the upcoming event. There will be a unit on display in addition to a twin setup fitted to the Mayla GT. This marks a unique opportunity for marine enthusiasts, industry professionals, and the media to witness the Supercharged 650's design and capabilities up close and explore its potential applications in the Mayla GT, a vessel known for its performance and luxury.

The collaboration between Ilmor and GM Marine has consistently pushed the boundaries of marine engine technology, and the Supercharged 650 is a testament to their commitment to excellence. With a shared vision for innovation, both companies have brought their strengths to the table, combining Ilmor's prowess in high-performance engines with GM Marine's cutting-edge propulsion solutions.

Paul Ray, President of Ilmor, expressed his enthusiasm about the continued collaboration, stating, "We couldn’t be more thrilled to extend our work with GM Marine and to introduce the Supercharged 650 engine to the European market. This engine represents the culmination of our joint efforts to deliver unmatched performance and reliability in the marine industry."

The European debut of the Supercharged 650 engine at the Mayla Yacht booth is expected to draw attention from industry professionals, marine enthusiasts, and media representatives alike. Ilmor and GM Marine invite all attendees to visit the booth, witness the engine's capabilities, and learn more about the future of high-performance marine propulsion.

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