A3Logics Looks East, Setting Up Another Base in Singapore to Cater to APAC Regions
A3Logics announces strengthening service offerings in APAC with a dedicated team based out of Singapore with a key focus on data science and digital transformation.

A3Logics, a digital transformation and technology consulting company, on Tuesday announced the opening of their new office in Singapore, aimed at serving the Asia Pacific markets. The company's regional investment is strategically designed to diversify IT services, catering to a wide range of clients from startups to publicly traded companies in the APAC market.

Committed to offering value-added consulting services in the region, A3Logics has established a center of excellence dedicated to the practice of digital transformation. This forward-thinking and solutions-oriented approach will not only sustain advancements but also offer quality, cost-effective services, reflecting the company's dedication to the region. The decision to open a Singapore office signifies A3Logics' commitment to growth, diversification, and its aspiration to be a multicultural and inclusive organization.

A3Logics vision encompasses and celebrates local market traditions while empowering clients everywhere to retain their business DNA and identity. This unification of tools and technology with markets and meaning ensures that A3Logics regional presence will measurably promote client interests.

“We view this expansion to newer markets as an opportunity to foster technological innovation that drives sustainable, profitable change for the local community,” said Akhilesh Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of A3Logics. “The APAC region is an unmatched business powerhouse that enriches global markets and we’re thrilled to synergize our digital transformation and data science services with businesses here.”

For A3Logics, every client and their client’s customers are central to ideation and decision-making to reinforce unique market needs. Therefore, A3Logics is eager to implement their APAC operations strategy through cutting-edge solutions that nurture growth for regional businesses.

A3Logics has appointed Gaurav Singh as the Vice President of Sales to lead its operations in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. With over 12 years of extensive experience in navigating and excelling in dynamic markets, A3Logics positions him as a valuable asset in steering the company towards continued success and establishing its presence as a key player in the APAC IT landscape.

“Basing our office in Singapore’s energizing business nucleus and expanding across APAC, we’re investing in every client’s innovations and success,” affirmed Gaurav Singh, A3Logics Sales Vice President. “A3Logics Singapore is bringing new digital transformation options to clients and strengthening trademark offerings.”

A3Logics, a digital transformation and consulting company has delivered more than 20 years of profitable products and solutions. The Singapore office operates alongside centers in the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and India.

Visit the A3Logics Singapore website for more information on consultations and the comprehensive services offerings.

Contact Information:
Akhilesh Sharma
(442) 615-9676

Original Source: A3Logics Looks East, Setting Up Another Base in Singapore to Cater to APAC Regions A3Logics Looks East, Setting Up Another Base in Singapore to Cater to APAC Regions

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