ATPCO Leverages AWS Clean Rooms to Enable Airline Dynamic Offers Functionality at Scale
Using AWS Clean Rooms, ATPCO will enable airlines to garner insights from shopping data utilizing privacy-enhanced collaboration and machine learning technology

ATPCO will provide airlines with access to AWS Clean Rooms to collaborate and analyze their collective datasets without having to build time-consuming solutions. To enable dynamic offer creation at scale, airlines need additional data to augment the existing intelligence used to create fares and offers. Using AWS Clean Rooms, ATPCO and collaborating airlines will be able to analyze their collective shopping insights, without sharing their underlying raw data with each other, to generate the most relevant offers improving the customer experience.

ATPCO has access to the most comprehensive set of airline data in the world, more than any other company. While many companies have access to web-scraped insights, those don't tell the full travel story, reliable data is needed, with innovative technology to create incremental value for everyone. AWS Clean Rooms enables collaboration of approved airline, ATPCO fare, and fare-related data to generate insights and innovate quicker. 

ATPCO has the support of its 11 board airlines who have approved the first step to generate innovative insights using the privacy-enhanced collaboration capabilities of AWS Clean Rooms to help accelerate change in the airline pricing landscape.

"As the neutral industry platform, ATPCO is in a unique position to truly light the path for airlines to further explore dynamically created offers," ATPCO's President and CEO Alex Zoghlin said. "With multiple airlines already providing their shopping data, including dynamically generated pricing, we are exploring the opportunities that the privacy-enhanced capabilities of AWS Clean Rooms provides, to generate rich pricing insights. More than ever, travelers are looking for more customized and personalized offers, and the ability for ATPCO customers to leverage this AWS service is a fundamental step to making this a reality." 

Airlines who are interested in gaining access to ATPCO's Clean Rooms, powered by AWS, should contact ATPCO to find out more.


ATPCO drives innovation for modern airline retailing. From offer creation to order settlement, ATPCO partners with over 400 airlines and channels to identify marketplace needs, deliver standards and global solutions, and lead end-to-end the ecosystem transformation required for industry success. As a neutral entity, we do this through a combination of industry collaboration, governance, and a commitment to enhancing airline retailing today and into the future. Airline-owned for more than 55 years, ATPCO is everywhere people shop for flights. For additional information, visit 

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