Proxy Server Market Trends 2024: Proxyway’s Annual Report is Now Available
Proxyway – a major researcher of proxies and web scraping infrastructure – has released a free report on the proxy server market. Proxy Market Research is the largest overview of this kind, and it has been presented annually since 2019. The report is based on technical benchmarks of the most known proxy service providers.

Web scraping has been trending upwards, especially in the e-commerce industry. Statista reported that around 60% of surveyed businesses were driving innovation with data last year. Automated data gathering helps companies to gain competitive advantage over other businesses and drive profit growth. 

However, web scraping is becoming more challenging every year. Targets like Amazon or eBay use various anti-bot measures to prevent automated data collection. The reasons vary – some websites want to prevent competitive intelligence, while others want to reduce server load or stop bad-bot traffic. 

Automated data collection is almost impossible without proxies. A proxy server routes requests through itself and conceals the real user's IP address and location. In simple terms, proxies are different IP addresses assigned by a proxy service provider. A proxy is a tool that allows access to publicly available data without triggering website security measures like IP bans or request limiting. 

When it comes to choosing the right proxy service, things get complicated. Many companies differ in user experience, price, and proxy quality. Without extensive testing of such products, it is easy to fall into a marketing trap. Some providers promise large proxy pools, while others – great performance. 

Proxyway tests major proxy providers each year and compares them in the Proxy Market Research. The report looks into 13 proxy providers that take the lion's share of the market and includes an evaluation of their technical performance, proxy network size, features, user experience, IP quality, and price. The research is valuable for both enterprises and small businesses looking for proxy services based on real-life tests rather than marketing promises.

The Main Highlights of the Proxy Market Research 2024 

The report looks into three types of proxies: residential, mobile, and rotating datacenter. It presents each product's performance data based on millions of connection requests. Proxyway also tested proxies with popular targets like Amazon, Google, and a social media network. 

Annual testing also allows for the provision of historical performance data, which is included with each product. Additionally, Proxyway covers aspects like pricing, features, and user experience. 

Finally, the report includes a section on market trends covering increasing competition, new market entrants, ongoing price wars, AI-related use cases, legal disputes related to social media, and other topics about the industry's current state. 

Proxy Market Research 2024 is publicly available on Proxyway’s website. To access it, visit:

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