Silk Collaborates With Google Cloud and AMD to Support C3D VMs
Breakthrough VMs deliver faster performance at a lower cost while advancing resiliency

Silk today announced the support for the recently launched Google Cloud C3D virtual machines (VMs), powered by 4th Generation AMD EPYC™ processors. The new VMs offer Google Cloud customers improved performance (up to 45% compared to the prior generation) at a substantially lower cost while increasing the resiliency of the VMs.

Through collaboration and testing, the Silk platform now achieves 35% faster performance while decreasing costs by 15% compared to the previous Google Cloud N2 VMs.  

“The performance of the C3D VMs enables the most demanding workloads to run on a smaller, less expensive resource footprint,” said Adik Sokolovski, Chief R&D Officer, Silk. “In addition, the advancements in reliability will pay dividends for customers that require 24x7 availability.”

“As data demands continue to grow with more complex AI-driven workloads, it is critical that the performance requirements can scale in the cloud,” said Suresh Andani, senior director, Cloud Vertical Marketing, AMD. “AMD is proud to collaborate with Silk to use high-performance and efficient 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors for the recently launched Google Cloud C3D VMs.” 

Added Chris Buckel, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Silk: “Silk’s strategy has always been to give customers the fastest experience in the cloud at the lowest price point. We’re excited to amplify the benefit of the C3D VMs and look forward to delivering more breakthroughs for customers with Google Cloud and AMD.”

About Silk

Silk enables organizations to migrate and run their most complex business-critical applications in the public cloud while optimizing performance, reliability, and costs. Silk leverages over 20 technology patents so customers can effortlessly unlock the full potential of the public cloud in a fraction of the time. Silk is headquartered outside of Boston, MA. 


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